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Joey Sellers Solo Trombone - What the...?
Debut solo recording by the eclectic performer and composer. A whimsical, rigorous exploration of small-scale compositions.
Ian Tordella - Magnolia
Debut release by Southern California saxophonist Ian Tordella. Adventurous and decidedly modern offering featuring an international cast of up and coming jazz musicians.
Gray Code - Floating Point
A dynamic electroacoustic trio that explores timbre, extended instrumental technique, and the ins and outs of acoustic grooves.
Dana Reason Trio - Revealed
Features Canadian born pianist Reason with bassist Dominic Duval and drummer John Heward working in seamless harmony with beauty, character, and depth.
Crepuscule Trio - Unveil
Reveals Crepuscule Trio’s intuitive discourse and artistry, borne of music made in the moment and as varied as their influences. An extremely rewarding exploration.
Sound for the Organization of Society - Poem of the Underground
The second release by the eclectic creative music ensemble captures the group's wildest chaotic adventure to date.
Jason Robinson - Cerberus Rising
Stark, moody, and deeply conceptual solo tenor saxophone release. The first in a trilogy of solo releases by the reedist and electronics musician.
Bob and Ellen Weller with Mark Dresser - Point of Contact
Intimate recording of solo, duo and trio improvisations by multiwind player Ellen Weller, pianist Bob Weller and bassist Mark Dresser. From introspective prepared piano and ocarina to explosive, high energy group interactions.
Rick Helzer & John Stowell - Friendship and Remembrance
Pianist Rick Helzer and guitarist John Stowell make a fresh contribution to the intimate art of the piano/guitar duo with synergistic original music.
David Borgo - Chance, Discovery and Design
DVD-R release featuring electro-acoustic improvisations by reedist David Borgo and various ensembles set to provocative and compelling digital video.
David Borgo - Initial Conditions
Collaborative trio spearheaded by reedist David Borgo. Inventive original compositions for the bass/drums/sax format, featuring bassist Gunnar Biggs and drummer Duncan Moore.
Circ 050
Jason Robinson - Fingerprint
The latest release by critically acclaimed saxophonist Jason Robinson. All original material centered on a quartet and featuring pianist Anthony Davis on two large ensemble tracks.
Circ 049
Adnan Marquez-Borbon - The Paradox of Continuity
Debut album by Mexican saxophonist and composer presenting a collection of original electroacoustic works. Remarkable sounds from a new era of integrating acoustic and electronic instruments
Circ 048
Michael Dessen - lineal
Trombonist and composer Michael Dessen makes his debut as a leader with Lineal, a collection of all original compositions featuring Mark Dresser, Susie Ibarra, Vijay Iyer, Terry Jenoure, Bob Weiner, and Jorge Roeder
Circ 047
ARC Trio - Triptych Mirror
Innovative piano trio performing compositions and improvisations, where sensitive interplay can quickly turn to fiery dialog. Featuring pianist Rick Helzer, bassist Justin Grinnell, and percussionist Nathan Hubbard
Circ 046
Cross Border Trio - New Directions
Debut album by the transnational trio featuring Mexican drummer Paquito Villa and Californian bassist Rob Thorsen and saxophonist Jason Robinson - original and expansive modern jazz
Acc/Circ A/C-202
Trummerflora - Rubble 2
Rubble 2 is the second in a series of compilations featuring diverse works by members and ensembles of the musicians organization the Trummerflora Collective.
Circ CS-121
Nathan Hubbard - (compositions 1998-2005)
This 2-CD set inaugural release of the Composition Series celebrates the music of percussionist/composer Nathan Hubbard. Wildly varying, intensely emotional
Circ 045
Cosmologic - III
This third release by the California-based quartet demonstrates kaleidoscopic sound worlds and eloquently draws upon different but related traditions of improvised music
Circ 044
Bob and Danny Weller - Tree of Thorns
Aculmination of dark energy, combining elements of contemporary jazz with experimental improvisation and 20th century harmonic language
Circ 043

Curtis Glatter / Nathan Hubbard - Rivulet
Glatter/Hubbard's inaugural release of percussion and electronic music inspired by the works of filmmakers Jean Cocteau, Carl Dreyer, and others

Circ 042
David Borgo - Reverence for Uncertainty
Saxophonist David Borgo's newest album moves freely between moments of introspection and delicate interplay to intense exploration and cathartic abandon
Circ 041
Ellen Weller - Spirits, Little Dreams and Improvisations
Eclectic improvisations featuring multi-winds player Weller with Lisle Ellis, Vinny Golia, George Lewis, Bertram Turetzky, Scott Walton, Bob Weller, Charlie Weller and Robert Zelickman
Circ 040
Gustavo Aguilar Get Libre Collective - Destinations
Percussionist's inaugural release on Circumvention, featuring some of California's premiere improvisors - Eric Crystal, Todd Sickafoose, Chris Garcia, and Robert Reigle
Circ 039
Nathan Hubbard - Skeleton Key Orchestra
2-cd large ensemble recording featuring prominent voices in Southern California's improvised and creative music world
Circ 038
O'Keefe/Stanyek/Walton/Whitehead - Tunnel
Stretching the sonic boundaries of improvised music
Circ 037
Fjellestad/Kowald/Reason/Robinson - Dual Resonance
Duos, trios, and quartets featuring German bassist Peter Kowald
Circ 036
David Borgo - Massanetta Springs
Saxophonist David Borgo's inaugural Circumvention release
Circ 035
Cosmologic - Syntaxis
Second live release by the (now) bi-coastal visionary avant-jazz quartet
Circ 034
Return to One - Firecliffs
San Diego-based quartet's third release - a 2-cd set with enhanced multimedia CD-ROM

Circ 033
Return to One - Hopes and Dreams
San Diego-based quartet's second CD release

Circ 032
Cosmologic - Staring at the Sun
High energy open-ended jazz improvisation

Circ 031
Jason Robinson - From the Sun
Hard-driving and introspective original compositions

Circ SA-081
Nathan Hubbard - Born on Tuesday
San Diego-based percussionist displaying the diverse aspects of his approach to solo performance and improvisation

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