Cosmologic - III
(circ 045)
Personnel: Jason Robinson (tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet, and percussion) Michael Dessen (trombone and percussion), Scott Walton (acoustic bass ), Nathan Hubbard (drumkit, marimba, toy glockenspiel, and percussion)
Contents: X Marks The Spot (Hubbard), Shadows At Night (Notes From A Quarry) (Robinson), Septurnal Spell (Dessen), Put Some Butter On It (for Malachi Favors Maghostus) (Hubbard), Indianhead Canyon (Hubbard), The Wrangler (Dessen), Wolf In Sheeps Clothing (Hubbard), Blacon (Beyond The Divide) (Robinson)

III is Cosmologicís third release as a group and continues the collaboration and rigorous evolution of musical approaches which have become a hallmark of the California-based quartet. This new release demonstrates complex, original compositions that have been transformed through extensive group work and improvisation. The resulting pieces draw upon the strengths of Cosmologicís highly personal musical approaches and create new ways for the group to explore diverse musical landscapes. Because of this, Cosmologicís performances range widely across different methodologies in improvised music, sometimes within the same piece. Rather than viewing their work as a pastiche of contrasting styles, Cosmologic considers their work as a dialogue among different but related traditions of improvised music, a space where they can explore multifaceted, kaleidoscopic sound worlds and everything that their histories represent about freedom, collectivity, responsibility, and imagination. This third release by the critically acclaimed quartet demonstrates these goals in refined detail.

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Cosmologic music is initiated by individual members and then doggedly worked and reworked until its internal logics are available for genuinely creative improvisation.... More than impressive.
-The Wire, Brian Morton

The third and newest album by this talent-rich San Diego quartet is a gem of crisp ensemble-playing and finely calibrated improvisations...
-San Diego Union Tribune, George Varga

III doesnít so much stand as a document of the history of jazz as a brochure for the infinite varieties of modern improvisation.... Incredibly rewarding... Sure, it takes a little work but, for every cerebral exercise the listener is required to work through, thereís a funky-as-all-hell payoff.
-One Final Note, Daniel Spicer

release date:2005
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