David Borgo - Initial Conditions
(circ 053)
Personnel: David Borgo (saxophones, alto flute, Irish flute), Gunnar Biggs (contrabass), Duncan Moore (drumset)
Contents: Off Your Marks, We Do?, Hiphopcrisy, Carla’s Pause, Illusions, Bleeding Gums, Speaking of a Different Tradition, Meditation #1: Girl Born on Saturday, Are You?, B's Treat
An extreme sensitivity to initial conditions produces chaotic systems that are, in intriguing ways, both unpredictable and deterministic. The music explored by the collaborative trio of Borgo, Biggs, and Moore on Initial Conditions is, in a similar fashion, constantly surprising yet strangely inevitable. The compositions range from boppish to free, often resonating with the innovative trio music of Coltrane, Rollins, and Coleman. Yet it is the specific life experiences and in-the-moment disposition of these three creative and seasoned musicians that produces the freshness and dynamic complexity that is the mark of all truly compelling jazz.

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Borgo has the history of the music down pat; his tunes offer a flavoring of post-bop structure, but he steers the bands unerringly into the current era through his gliding improvising style and tune construction.... He touches on the past, teases with the future, but mainly speaks in the present tense.
-Frank Rubolino, All About Jazz

Borgo's wild flight over the jouncing rhythm team is fresh and sometimes even dryly laconic... and the original melodies are knotty and memorable. Mr. Borgo and band are looking for a new combination of the elements of 'free' and 'hard bop'... worth a listen for anybody wanting to hear the beginnings of a new approach.
-Kenneth Egbert, Jazz Now

On soprano Borgo weaves delicate patterns across the music, while on other tracks he sets a classic big-hearted tenor sound in dialogue with avantgarde spikiness.
-Nate Doward, Coda

Well-worth checking out.
-Scott Yanow, All Music Guide
release date: 2008
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